UQAIPS (Uqaili's Preparatory School for CSS & PCS Preparation) the brain gem of Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili, is specialized institution, established by a group of leading CSS officers, to properly guide and assist the aspirants of CSS Examination. The institute offers 10 to 12 weeks courses in which all six compulsory and most of the common opted optional subjects are thoroughly covered. The course includes spot tests and final mock examination. The skills of the candidates are carefully developed not only to properly prepare for the examination but to correctly write answers. The CSS preparation time is effectively reduced after completing the course from UQAIPS, because the trained candidates do not have to waste time energy in searching books, selecting subjects, etc.

UQAIPS offers full solution to your CSS preparation issues, and offers a twelve (12) Weeks Course for the comprehensive CSS Preparation.

At the start of each course, UQAIPS offers THREE DAYS free session in which the faculty of the optional subjects gives overview of each optional subject and inform the candidates about the average score / marks range in last few years. The faculty guides each candidate about his / her capability to take any particular subject or otherwise. There are a few subjects which any graduate may take and score good marks.

Remember CSS is a competitive examination and you need to score better to get the service / group of your choice. Hence, selection of good scoring subjects, but manageable by the candidate, is very crucial for success in the examination.

We fully prepare the candidates to inculcate best practices of the examination to fetch best marks, developing skills and improving habits of the candidates is the priority of UQAIPS rather than delivering lectures!!! You can learn incredibly long list of tips, techniques and strategies to perform well in the CSS examination.